Risk management

Complete functionality for risk management. Why waste time on manual calculations?

We have everything automated:

  • > Profit factor calculation
  • > Potential risk calculation
  • > Limit on a predetermined amount of risk
  • > Taking into account a loss from a set stop loss, entry/exit commissions and slippage
  • > Calculation of the transaction volume taking into account current risk indicators
  • > Risk calculation taking into account open positions (coming Soon)

Smart orders

Advanced version of the Educational Trading Platform Simulator

Everything is provided:

  • > Create an order in one click
  • > Pending orders
  • > Limit & Market orders
  • > Partial order execution
  • > Separation of Buy / Sell orders
  • > Auto move of Stop Loss
  • > Creating an order with OHLCV chart, order book, trading history & previous orders (coming soon)

AI assistant

An AI-powered, self-learning neural network that helps on a platform for trading education.

Everything is automated:

  • > Analysis of demonstration orders
  • > Candlestick pattern recognition
  • > Search for resistance and support levels on a visible chart

Generic Functionality

  • > API connections by keys to your accounts of crypto-currency exchanges
  • > Advanced Analytics
  • > 80+ indicators for technical analysis
  • > Asset Chart Display
  • > Native Android & IOS, Windows, Linux and MacOS apps
  • > Order book
  • > List of open orders
  • > Trading history
  • > List of pairs
  • > Analytical toolkit

Check out our unique features

Open positions on several exchanges at once


  • 80+ visual indicators of technical analysis
  • 5 simultaneously open Smart-orders
  • Basic risk management
  • Trader’s diary
$475,08/per year -$79,18 $395,90/per year Read more coming soon
  • 80+ visual indicators of technical analysis
  • 10 simultaneously open Smart-orders
  • Creation of quick Smart-orders
  • Advanced Risk Management Program
  • Trader’s diary
$791,88/per year -$131,98 $659,90/per year Read more coming soon
  • 80+ visual indicators of technical analysis
  • 20 simultaneously open Smart-orders
  • AI trend predictor
  • Determination of the market trend
  • Trader’s diary
$3179,88/per year -$529,98 $2649,90/per year Read more coming soon


Thomas, Liverpool, UK. Trading experience: 4 months. Plan: Brave I entered the crypto market relatively not so long ago. My only aim was to sell the mined RVN because I couldn’t do it via exchange. After selling it, I decided to stick around. I wanted to see if I was any good at trading. Mind you, I’m no pro trader and know nothing about technical analysis or any indicators. That’s why I purchased the most basic Letit plan in order to make some money.

All in all, it takes about 2 min to register and access the exchange. It’s easy-to-use & intuitive. There is an absolutely convenient function that controls the risks and doesn’t let you end up with a single stocks portfolio. The moment you see all the numbers, it’s like a cold shower that instantly wakes you up.

In the course of 10 days I added $35 to my deposit of $680. It's not an impressive amount but I got hooked. Let’s see how it goes.
Rayan, Calgary, Canada. Trading experience: 18 months Plan: Clever My initial intention was to buy the cheapest plan to find out how big the difference between the promises given by developers and the reality is. But after I was offered a free trial period with Clever I realized that it fits my strategies much better.
Among the advantages, I’d like to mention cues about order amount and ability to indicate a percentage of possible risk before the stop loss. That is, I indicate that I don’t want to lose more than 2% of my deposit on a deal, and then place an order. Letit makes calculations while creating an order and gives out different solutions immediately. The way the market is right now, it’s an absolute must.

For the time being, I have no complaints about the technical side. Support team is quick to respond.

One of the disadvantages though, is a limited number of exchanges to connect to.
Amanda, Philadelphia, USA. Trading experience: 2 years. Plan: Wise I bet female traders are pretty rare guests. Moreover, I’m not into hyped altcoins and profit from shorting bitcoin. Now is the high time for my income. I’ve chosen a plan with maximum possibilities and I’ve never looked back. The terminal predicts the trend 9/10 times, as well as the further price movement. It’s crucial for my strategy because it’s easy to make a mistake on low timeframes and hit the bottom. I’d be happy to see more precise predictions, because something like “50% ↑ 50% ↓” makes me freeze at times. (It’s a joke)

The only thing I miss is to be able to trade futures. But as far as I know the developers promised to introduce it in the follow-up release. I’ll be waiting.


Instant access to managing assets with the Letit app

Most market players associate cryptocurrency trading with emotional pressure. Letit can dispel the belief that trading is a constant stress.

We are convinced that you can treat it as a game and make a profit at the same time.

We are traders, so we work in the interests of our colleagues and choose not to damage the nervous system, but to protect it. Thus, we created Letit – a cryptocurrency trading terminal with its own philosophy, which can be called as Zen Trading.

No one is surprised by automated trading on the exchange anymore. Most crypto investors use built-in bots or third-party programs to make their lives easier.

Most often crypto trading programs have a standard set of services and differ in their interface design and their price only.

Letit didn’t give up on a set of time-tested features. All of its users regardless of a plan will receive a usual set:

  • API Connection to cryptocurrency trading platforms
  • Generating a pair list
  • 80+ technical analysis indicators for cryptocurrency trading
  • Analytical toolkit
  • Visualized order book
  • Archived trading history

From then on come all sorts of nice things. Letit trading terminal has a self-learning neural network and AI, that help you trading without emotional stress. Letit takes over risk management in the process of making a decision about possible transactions and suggests to its users the optimal trading strategy in the given conditions.

You set acceptable game terms on the market, and Letit calculates possible options for actions and gives suggestions for potential entry and exit.

None of the cryptocurrency trading terminals on the market can boast of such functions.

Letit has 3 sets of problem solving functions to use on cryptocurrency trading platforms. They come with plans of different costs.