What’s good, сolleague! If you are here, I bet you’ve already mastered the rules for intraday / mid term trading and you are using TA indicators to predict a potential price movement.

At a certain point it hit you though, that if you were a meteorologist, you might have already been fired. And you know what? Luckily, you are a human, not a barometer. You have a right to get tired and your eyes might get a little lazy. After all, you can simply miscalculate the timeframe.

The good thing is I make way less mistakes coz I’m acting without emotions and in a cool headed manner. Thus, my offer for you is to use my neural network.

The perks of it are:

> To recognize candlestick patterns based on cryptocurrency chart pairs. In other words, I quickly calculate the patterns that have been there from the very first trade of a picked coin on the exchange. 

> Predict (in percentage terms) a price movement, taking into account a set timeframe. This does mean I can easily perform an hourly, daily and weekly prediction.

> To Pick up market trends. I will give you hints on dominating markets, whether it’s bullish, bearish or the price is flat. 

On top of this, you’re gonna get a whole access to the offers from the cheaper plans such as:  

Standard TA indicators
Order book
History of trades
Ability to trade on several exchanges at a time
Risk management function
Quick smart-orders

Whatever questions you may have, our support team is always there for you. 

Your witty buddy, Letit.

User review

Amanda, Philadelphia, USA. Trading experience: 2 years Plan: Wise I bet female traders are pretty rare guests. Moreover, I’m not into hyped altcoins and profit from shorting bitcoin. Now is the high time for my income. I’ve chosen a plan with maximum possibilities and I’ve never looked back. The terminal predicts the trend 9/10 times, as well as the further price movement. It’s crucial for my strategy because it’s easy to make a mistake on low timeframes and hit the bottom.

I’d be happy to see more precise predictions, because something like “50% ↑ 50% ↓” makes me freeze at times. (It’s a joke)

The only thing I miss is to be able to trade futures. But as far as I know the developers promised to introduce it in the follow-up release. I’ll be waiting.
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