About us

What are our achievements and what can we do for you?

An advanced terminal for cryptocurrency
trading with a full package of services such as:

> Technical analysis indicators;
> A set of assets for diversification;
> An ability to trade on multiple markets from the same spot.

“But everyone offers that!”, you’ll say. And you are absolutely right about it. But let me tell you, Letit has a unique feature that makes it special: a smart risk management program.

What is it can do?

> Ensure stability without critical setbacks.
> Make use of its neural network when your nerve cells start to die off.
> Give a cue on the location of resistance and support levels.
> Indicate optimal market entry and exit points.

We can’t promise you that with the help of Letit program for trading cryptocurrencies, you will earn twice as much. We are practitioners after all, not theorists. Therefore, we know that the potential profits from a transaction largely depend on the market fluctuations, and not on the trader’s skill.
What we do promise is another thing: if you make friends with Letit and use its opportunities to the fullest, you will lose half as much.

We guarantee you a good night’s sleep, time for some personal life and cryptocurrency trading without stress.
Remember that traders do not operate with assets but with probability. What they do trade is their take on the market situation, and it largely depends on their psychological state.