What’s up! If Clever is your choice, then you are becoming a confident trader and don’t forget about stop loss orders and taking profits.

Congrats, well done! You’ve harnessed your emotions and come to understand that sometimes not losing anything to a volatile market is way more profitable than actually making something of it.

As of now you can define the resistance/support levels and are smart to not buy high. But your gut feeling tells you it’s time to move forward. So let’s talk about the benefits you get after purchasing this plan.

First things first, you get ?

Standard functions:

  • 80+ TA indicators
  • Pair charts
  • Order book
  • List of your orders
  • Archived history of your transactions
  • A set of analytics tools
  • Opening of positions on several exchanges at the same time

Functions to manage risks:

  • Potential profit & loss calculations
  • Risk volume limit
  • Risk calculation including exchange commission, slippage & open trades
  • Hints on optimal transaction volume

Fast smart-orders:

  • One click order
  • Limit & Market orders
  • Separating Buy/Sell orders

It gives you a chance to make a stop loss order and take profit on set levels simultaneously. 

All you need is 4 steps:

  • Specify an amount (or interest) of manageable risk before the stop
  • Indicate the entry point 
  • Assign sl & tp 
  • Click on ‘Run Smart Order’

When the orders are being placed, Letit activates a risk management system and suggests a deposit volume you need to achieve a desirable profit. 

You are free to use these functions in order to open a position instantly after achieving a target level. There is no need to stare at the monitor around the clock. 

And if you have decided to try your hand at scalping, then Clever is your sensible way out.

You can have a month free demo version upon registration and ‘an order in one click’ function that is available for you 10 times a day. 

When the time is right and you are interested in testing my neural network potential, I will be more than happy to offer you a crypto guru plan.  

Your witty buddy, Letit

User review

Rayan, Calgary, Canada. Trading experience: 18 months Plan: Clever My initial intention was to buy the cheapest plan to find out how big the difference between the promises given by developers and the reality is. But after I was offered a free trial period with Clever I realized that it fits my strategies much better.
Among the advantages, I’d like to mention cues about order amount and ability to indicate a percentage of possible risk before the stop loss. That is, I indicate that I don’t want to lose more than 2% of my deposit on a deal, and then place an order. Letit makes calculations while creating an order and gives out different solutions immediately. The way the market is right now, it’s an absolute must.

For the time being, I have no complaints about the technical side. Support team is quick to respond.

One of the disadvantages though, is a limited number of exchanges to connect to.
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Payment per:

year month
$65,99/per month $791,88/per year When paying per a year
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