Howdy! The fact that you are reading this means it’s high time to stop panicking, and start looking for trading opportunities. The time of trading without fear has come.

The Brave Plan has been created for a novice just like you. The thing is, we all have been those fluffy chickens at one point, facing merciless crypto jungle with no prior knowledge of the game rules. Lessons learnt and now we do know how to make your life easier.

The Brave Plan helps you to use the main skill that will be needed to survive in the world of trade instinctively. And that is – thinking way ahead but not of anticipated profit but of possible losses instead. The Brave plan includes the tools to manage the risks.

Let me break it down for you:

The Profit factor.

It’s an indicator that shows you an estimate of what you’re gonna get either in $ or in any other currency way before the deal is complete. On top of that, you will know how much interest you can make by selling your assets for a price different from your entry one. 

> Calculation of the transaction volume, taking into account current risk indicators.

I will gladly tell you how much of your deposit you can use in order to not lose more money than you expected to.  At the same time, I will not forget about the pending orders.  Oh, and one more thing: be aware, that sometimes, I may give you advice to stay away from the market and not to trade at all, if it’s too risky.

And if you tell me about the losses you are ready to take that won’t devastate, I’ll help to walk between the raindrops and not drain out. 

It’s needless to say that this Plan includes all the standard trading tools:

  • The Lists & pair charts
  • Order book
  • Trading history
  • 80+ visual indicators of technical analysis
  • Drawing tools
  • Opportunity to trade on several exchanges at once

If you opt to use a 7 day free demo version  upon the registration, you’ll get a chance to appreciate the convenience of the smart-orders. Moreover, you’ll be able to use ‘a one click’ function to make 5 orders a day

Go test it, ask questions and let our support team help you and give you hints. And of course, you are always welcome to use your wits and figure it out on your own.

Can’t wait to see you opting for our more advanced plan! 

Your witty buddy, Letit 

User review

Thomas, Liverpool, UK. Trading experience: 4 months. Plan: Brave I entered the crypto market relatively not so long ago. My only aim was to sell the mined RVN because I couldn’t do it via exchange. After selling it, I decided to stick around. I wanted to see if I was any good at trading. Mind you, I’m no pro trader and know nothing about technical analysis or any indicators. That’s why I purchased the most basic Letit plan in order to make some money.

All in all, it takes about 2 min to register and access the exchange. It’s easy-to-use & intuitive. There is an absolutely convenient function that controls the risks and doesn’t let you end up with a single stocks portfolio. The moment you see all the numbers, it’s like a cold shower that instantly wakes you up.

In the course of 10 days I added $35 to my deposit of $680. It's not an impressive amount but I got hooked. Let’s see how it goes.
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