What is it going to be? On March 18th, the first Letit Meetup will be held at the in5 Tech site in Dubai. The event will be attended by traders, investors and more. Letit team guarantee that there will definitely be something to learn and something to be inspired by. What is it? Letit Meetup…

Trading Hack. A course for cryptoinvestors from Letit

Benefits in deed

Satoshi Nakamoto. The Curious Case of the Birth of a New Economy

Let’s start from afar. A bank deposit is the most common, safe and conservative way to store money. The average numbers is 6-7% per annum, which is below the level of inflation. That is, you exactly store your money. The opportunity by banks to get passive income from your savings is out of the table….

About waves, trains & uncertainty

And this is one of the reasons why beginners are often disappointed in trading on the stock exchange. There is no set of rules in the market. The same trading strategy under the same conditions may or may not work.

How to trade cryptocurrency if the market is unpredictable?

What to rely on?

The answer is that you better rely on unpredictability, my friend. And risk management.