Trading Hack. A course for cryptoinvestors from Letit

in Dubai on the basis of the business accelerator in5 the first workshop of its kind will be held by the Letit Traders Club. Its name is “Trading Hack. Tools, tricks, lifehacks”. This is an author’s training program and it will provide participants with access to the project’s educational platform: useful knowledge, effective tools, networking, new promising contacts, and, overall, a powerful impulse to action.

Each participant can ask all the questions they are interested in, get feedback and ultimately learn how to manage their capital well.

The cost of participation in the “Trading Hack” is $100.

Rustam Burkeev, the creator of Hack, CEO of Letit, emphasizes that the workshop is aimed at developing actual skills.

“What we can guarantee, he says, is that we can do with no abstract and unnecessary points. Not only will you learn all about trading cryptocurrency, we will instill habits into you. You will be able to get up and use it. We provide an opportunity to reach out to practicing traders around the world. For these people deals worth millions of dollars are not something out of hand. We will show and tell what you should do and what you can rely on. But you’re not in elementary school. Nobody will repeat the simplified versions for fifty times, not to mention do anything for you. Only practice, only hardcore.”

Let’s quickly go over the main points.

Cryptotrading is a key way to make money with cryptocurrencies. Trading tokens is not much different from trading stocks, fiat currencies or precious metals. There is only one basic task: make an investment so that, when you sell an asset, you can get the most out of it.But there are nuances.

First, the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile. In the traditional stock market, you can wait years (seriously, years!) for a big win. Trading cryptocurrencies considerably increases the chances of quick transactions with really high revenues. But the risks here are much greater. In order to be on top, it is essential to be able to analyse the market and efficiently predict changes in the value of digital currencies.

An obvious thought (which unfortunately nearly one in three people forget): trading is not a casino. This is work, not play. This requires a really high level of knowledge. You must study terminology, understand fundamentals, choose direction, strategy, tactics, and exchange, and then proceed from this to make transactions.

Letit CEO Rustam Burkeev’s “Trading Hack” workshop featuring professional community of industry leaders from around the world. will help you understand all that and choose tools, exchanges and approaches.

“We will help you become stronger, grow as a trader and investor. It is an opportunity to learn from practitioners. You can’t live without theory, but the most important thing you’ll get is the skills you can and should use. We’ll have to slug our guts out,” says Rustam Burkeev.

Letit is a trading terminal for secure cryptotrading that will equip you with technological risk control tools, reduce the stress for beginners and increase the standard of living for practicing traders. Letit captivates, entertains and inspires to win.

Be quids in every day. Hack trading!

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