The Wolf of Wall Street

sell me this pen!…

– I don’t have a pen!

– oh, you don’t have a pen anymore. Supply and demand, bro. 

This iconic scene from ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ has become a meme, taking over the whole internet. It’s used every time to nail down the thesis about the necessity of creating demand first in order to sell something.

It’s hard to find people who have not watched this crime comedy yet. But those who have, found something in it to their liking.

The female half, if we may assume, admired the handsome DiCaprio in this unexpected role.

The Male half, enjoyed orgy scenes, imagining themselves being in the shoes of the protagonist.

Someone enjoyed black humor, and someone – unexpected twists of the plot. 

 So why do we recommend this movie to our tribe?

To begin with, because it’s like a template that can be applied to any financial market, not excluding the cryptocurrency one.  Everything depicted by director Martin Scorsese was relevant for ‘curbstone brokers’ back in 1987 and still is to Binance in 2022.

The calendar is being changed and flipped over, but the mindset of a person stays the same. Inexperienced traders are still convinced that “Risk is what keeps us young”, and dream of saying something like Jordan Belfort did: “Give them to me young, hungry and stupid – and in no time I will make them rich!”

‘Rich people don’t buy penny stocks. Why? Because they are smart!’ – The shrewd words of the protagonist fit perfectly into the current scenario of the crypto market. Chickens are dumped on all sorts of SQUID and other shitcoins, while smart whales keep investing in Bitcoin. 

Let’s have a close up of a storyline with the creator of branded shoes, Steve Madden. Well, Elon Musk just copied it to promote SHIBA INU!  The trash coin eaters swallowed it and didn’t even choke. The cryptocurrency market is a huge Stratton Oakmont, where they pump and dump.

Therefore, we highly recommend rewatching  this movie from a different angle.  Only this time, don’t pay attention to the naked prostitutes and cocaine scattered on their backs.  Keep your eyes on the fraudulent schemes – they are permanent and timeless, like the world itself.

And lastly, our piece of advice would be to memorize the words of Mark Hanna by heart:

 ‘Number one rule of Wall Street. Nobody – and I don’t care if you’re Warren Buffet or if you’re Jimmy Buffet – nobody knows if a stock is going to go up, down, sideways or in circles.’

Therefore, relax, my friend! 

Letit would be ready to sign every word with both hands, if it had any. 

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The Wolf of Wall Street

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