FOMO & Zen Trading

All FOMO-states are reduced to viewing the trajectory of a coin from the point “how the hell I know where this cryptocurrency going to be in a week from now, to avoid taking a beating” 

and to the point  “Jeez, it was clear from the start, everyone was talking about it on every corner, I should have sold everything I own and placed all the eggs in one basket”.

Let me tell you this:

even a GPS navigator would get sick from this route in a week.  So just don’t do it!

Wholesome habits of “not giving a damn” come with experience, unless you are a hardcore phlegmatic and have nerves of steel. 

But what should one do if they have smidgens of experience and it’s hard to get by without a composed judgment? 

How to implant yourself a zen-chip so that you don’t have to sit and watch while money is flowing into other people’s wallets? 

There are few rules to follow, my friend.

Rule #1 : hyping and its advocates.

Do you know what MPI is? 

Just follow my lead. 

MPI stands for Mass Psychogenic Illness. It’s of  non-infectious etiology, affecting members of one group or team. It’s distinguished by hyperexcitation, hysteria, a certain type of nervous system dysfunction up to hallucinations.

Any type of hyping activity rocks MPI within the group range of any shitcoin advocates and very often spreads further on bringing more cuckoo’s to the market. 

In case, FOMO got you and your hands involuntarily start trying to place an order to purchase some altcoin that suddenly increased in price, give yourself a break. Put everything on hold, breathe in slowly and take a look around. 

Make sure you are surrounded by individuals with unbiased advice, no trolls with frothing at the mouth gossiping on telegram.

Zen Trading

Keep a safe distance from your keyboard, do some breath work and remember to wear a mask. By following these precautions you will kill two birds with one stone: help minimise spreading illnesses and prevent mass hysteria from happening. On top of it, it will definitely keep your deposit more safe. 

Let it grow!

Rule #2 Being a badass holder is following the cryptocurrency laws

Stay a badass not a bareass.

Don’t mix that up. 

Being a badass crypto trader means following the first and fundamental idea of Satoshi: a cryptocurrency can’t  be a financial instrument only because it’s money. 

That’s money, my friend. 

Not stocks. Not securities. Not options and futures or any other baloney that is being traded on exchanges. 

Repeat after me: ‘Holding crypto is badass. Trading money is bareass. Have a good grip & don’t be a creep!’

Yeah, yeah, sort of a lousy self-training. But it’s  unlikely that you are  gonna become a true Zen Master anyways. 

And yet, the best part is that you will end up having some good laughs about it. Thus, it will reduce the levels of uncontrollable anxiety. 

And last but not least, it allows you to call dibs on a good affirmation mantra, whenever you are in a square position. 

Holding crypto is badass

Let it be!

Rule #3 Cryptocurrency is a game without rules

Have you ever tried to win a game where the rules are constantly being changed by someone else?

Cryptocurrency market is this very game. 

It’s like a roller coaster on top of a Ferris wheel accompanied by dancing clowns. Madness, I know. Don’t spend time on that obsessive pursuit of logic. You’ll find none. 

Especially, after you get in, you can’t tell which part you are playing: the one of a rocking horse or of a clown that is entertaining the public. 

What matters now is that you’ve got a ticket for this act and have already buckled up.

You’ll have a fun ride, even if you can’t make any money in the end. So just relax and enjoy it!

Cryptocurrency market is this very game

Please, don’t forget about the seat belt so that you don’t get thrown out on a sharp turn. That is, a reliable belt that will keep you fastened on curvy bends and ain’t let you feel dizzy.

And, yes! I am that belt.

Your witty buddy, Letit

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