Half-year Report | Letit at the speed of light: tell the news, discuss and reveal cool things!

Hello, cryptojedis! It’s Letit and a new report about our progress and future projects — scroll down!


In short: IT GROWS!

We use Twitter to quickly connect with our cryptopals for the latest info on where we go, where we’ve been and where we’ll be. There are memes, analytics, pics, a lot of interactive and project updates, so it’s not surprising (but still very cool) that the community there is growing very quickly.

Telegram has already grown to 40K people in chats and channels, while on YouTube we release instructions and lifehacks so we are also developing rapidly. And we literally blew up Reddit, and requests about Bitget and/or Bybit lead to a bunch of posts about us, from us and from other public pages that repost our content. A lot of good work has been done on community development. BOOM!


At the end of last year, we claimed that you can learn how to trade in 8 lessons just by watching videos of 5 to 10 minutes. And it worked! More than 330 people have already been trained in trading from scratch, from registering on the exchange to withdrawing profits.

Why we blew up? Firstly, a trader is a trendy profession that where freedom, financial control, self-development and flexibility meet. But the main thing is while the rest talk more about theory, we have a different approach: real steps. In order to learn how to trade, you need (what a surprise!) to trade. We’re already doing it halfway through the training. This is because we have taken the essentials such as risk management, money management, spreadsheet, analytics, and packed it into an easy-to-learn format. And it works!

The course is a success, so at the moment the second part called Smart Money is in preparation. More details about this can be found on our website.


Only half of 2023 is gone, and we’ve already made great strides in partnerships, because only by teaming up with the best on the market, you can win this life. Now we are developing a software product using artificial intelligence technology. And who is the leader in this direction? Of course, Microsoft, the second biggest company in the world in terms of capitalization — and our partner! This is a great accomplishment for us, because by using their technology and their resources, we can do many interesting things with AI.

We also have partnerships with Amazon, as well as Bitget, Mexc Global, Bybit and gate.io exchanges. And now attention: inside information! With two other exchanges from the top five, we have almost already concluded partnerships, and with one there are only formalities left, so follow our announcements.


We’re going really fast, so we don’t have time to post all the news on the website, luckily we have this report.

In general, we are now listed on CoinMarketCap — this is the most serious and popular resource among the crypto community. If a project like ours is present there, that means it is taken very seriously.

We are also now on ICOholder, it’s a global analytical platform with the largest crypto database on ICOmarks and other aggregators. We intend to seriously hang on to ICOdrops since this is probably the most prestigious platform. All updates will be posted on our social networks, so don’t forget to subscribe.

We already mentioned In5, Dubai’s largest business accelerator, owned by a top local investment company with $130 billion in assets and fully supported by the Dubai development agency. That boosts us well and allows us access to nice local resources in terms of development: we have already opened a bank account here, which for a corporate company, and especially for crypto one, is an actual achievement. Well, we keep on working, so it’s alright.


We have already held several events: this is Letit-meetup for a wide audience and Letit-insider for club members. We showed and told a lot of useful and important things, listened to experts on artificial intelligence, and we also had a speech by Souls 3 trader, Tone Vays, who is our very close friend and partner. We put stands at the largest international cryptoconference AIBC, and there, by the way, we made some really strong partnerships.


Now we are doing interviews — small, with funny questions, without any boring stuff about Bitcoin and what will happen to it — with industry leaders. Davinci, Karl The Moon, Leila Mcharek, the executive of Bybit, and Magomed Kurbaitaev (he is doing a meta and sports project with Khabib Nurmagomedov) have already appeared on our channel.


Today, we are often referred to not only by independent experts, but also by the international media — Bloomberg, Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, Digital Journal. On the site, we gave links only to the largest materials, but in fact about 600 media outlets wrote about us. We also work closely with them and will continue to work.


This year we managed to meet offline only twice, but we were able to solve a million issues. Tracker, partner program, report on activity — these were continuous processes that took place behind the scenes 24/7.

By the way, we have started to participate in ratings, and Rustam is already among the 250 fastest growing entrepreneurs in the world according to Crunchbase website.


● We made a dashboard for single-window work

● Launched a partner program for each user

● Added the option to buy training

● Enabled cashback service

● Implemented analytics (which strategies are working well now, and which not so much)

That is, this is a personal Jarvis, who advises where and what needs to be adjusted. Now we are conducting an alpha test, and members of the Letit Club will be the first to receive an affiliation link, which means we will gradually connect users. So, if you’ve considered joining our club system, this is the best time.

By and large Letit doesn’t lower the bar. We are growing up at a giant pace. There is news every day, so follow us to not miss anything. Let’s develop together, as we proceed!

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